A cry for help:

I have read this through three times. I think it is the best article that I have ever read on this subject, and yet it still leaves me longing for something more concrete. This is the case of every other piece I’ve ever read concerning the good, true, and beautiful. It warms my heart to read and realize there are others in the world who understand. The problem that always remains for me is how to relate all of this to the glassy eyed?

I understand the concept of relativism and individualism, largely brought about by the influence of the enlightenment, but how do you relate that to a music director, whose eyes just glaze over because he has never even heard of these metaphysical concepts?

Let’s say you begin by explaining that his personal preference for Chris Tomlin, Hillsong, and Bethel music - or even 19th century revivalistic hymns - is individualistic enlightenment thinking? As soon as he discovers that the objective corrective of classical/historical hymnody just happens to be YOUR personal preference , he cries “hypocrisy”. I do so wish that the concept of beauty were not so much a metaphysical concept. I cannot think of a way to make it concrete enough that most people can relate.

It kind of reminds me of the quote by Lewis on children making mud pies in the slums because they cannot imagine what is meant by a holiday at the sea, except the quote is about a different topic.

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